Vicky Uslé
Un Ligero Cielo Amarillo

28th of September onwards

The TAT ART BARCELONA gallery presents an individual exhibition by the artist Vicky Uslé (Santander, 1981) for the next edition of the Barcelona Gallery Weekend.

The exhibition, which revolves around skin, time and substance concepts, will be the first exhibition that the gallery dedicates to the artist, who is the latest addition to the list of artists represented by TAT ART.

The exhibition will show the most recent work produced by Vicky, a constant journey through the divergences and painting codes understood as vivid language, place of experience, desire and narration.

Vicky Uslé investigates the possibilities of abstraction and, through the superposition of brushstrokes, forms, colors and perspectives, forms a fabric of relations practically infinite not only of plastic but also of poetic meditation of color. Thus, such meditation could connect the viewer with the world of ideas, linguistics or the spider web of information.

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