Manolo García and Montse Clausells – Colectivo GóticSur
Estrábica Armonía

15th of December onwards

The pictorial collective GóticSur, formed by Manolo García and Montse Clausells, will present their new collection “Estrábica armonía”

This will be the first time that Montse Clausells and Manolo García will hold a joint exhibition. The show has been painted with four hands and is the result of an unusual, original and daring experience. A dialogue between two very different imaginative worlds, distant and disparate, that have proposed to be in a common space of dialogue and coexistence, making possible the challenge of a unique, original result with a marked pictorial quality.

The exhibition will consist of two parts. On one hand, the GóticSur collective will present a dozen works of medium and large format. On the other hand, the exhibit will also show a dozen works by Montse Clausells, also in medium-large size, and many others by Manolo García, of medium size.

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