TAT ART BARCELONA is a platform for the promotion of contemporary visual arts. The project consists of exhibitions and activities program for the Barcelona-based space and a series of external actions such as fairs or diverse collaborations together with other cultural agents or institutions from the international scene. Apart from the exhibition medium, TAT ART has an open mind towards the exploration of other ways for the diffusion of the work by its represented artists and for the promotion of collecting.


Manolo García and Montse Clausells – Collective GóticSur

Estrábica Armonía


The pictorial collective GóticSur, formed by Manolo García and Montse Clausells, will present their new collection “Estrábica armonía” at the Tat Art in Barcelona next December.

This will be the first time that Montse Clausells and Manolo García will hold a joint exhibition. The show has been painted with four hands and is the result of an unusual, original and daring experience. A dialogue between two very different imaginative worlds, distant and disparate, that have proposed to be in a common space of dialogue and coexistence, making possible the challenge of a unique, original result with a marked pictorial quality.